Seven Revelations of Morpheus

by Eric McGrath

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This is the 2nd solo recording and concept album by prog/fusion keyboardist/composer Eric McGrath


released January 15, 2012

Eric McGrath: Keyboards, Bass, and Vocals
Pejman Rahimi: Guitar
Alex Rindone: Drums

All tracks written and composed by Eric McGrath
Audio Engineering by Alex Rindone



all rights reserved


Eric McGrath Manchester, New Hampshire

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Track Name: Time
Time moves on like a flame in the wind,
significant events occur again and again,
the hands on the clock are a symbol,
of a revolving world in principle,

All must find a meaning,
in the complex lives of our being,
as time moves we're in submission,
journeys worth making,
leave valuable impressions.


Keep moving forward,
everyday we must,
major treasures in life we trust,
every minute is a precious gift,

So make the most of it;
enjoy every single bit,
be happy you're given it.

Time has a strange hidden power,
for controlling our destinies at any hour,
time elapses its unavoidable,
day by day we survive,
we're not invincible,

Life's a state of uncertainty,
moving in cycles with our legacies,
aspects of the supersensory,
reflections of undying human entity.


Watch out when you turn your head because;
things happen so fast;
everybody's moving,
look what the rat race is doing,
any moment could be the last.

Images of meaningful purpose,
shadows on its endless face,
time progresses as it flows,
for living things forever after
Track Name: Believing
This is a world for believing,
in one that is free from deceiving,
the best part of seeing,
realizing the reason for being.


Fights and wars cause grieving,
constant battles can make us ornery,
some people act blindly,
respecting each other can be easy.

When we give its a day in,
bliss and times that are enchanting,
peace in our souls for believing,
the power of giving over receiving.


Overcoming greed and needing,
a recipe for conceiving,
moments that are intriguing,
caring in life is succeeding.

Everything starts with believing,
feelings that lead to good intentions,
to understand that freeing,
is a gateway to new dimensions.


Trying not to be cynical,
in this world of complex cycles,
tolerance is the pinnacle,
that makes great human quality possible.
Track Name: The Truth
Seek the truth,
the answer lies within,
from the depths of our souls,
to the freedom from sin.

Gone your doubts,
the answer is clear,
bear your fruits,
never blinded by fear.

We get one chance,
in this journey of life,
I could waste it away,
I'd rather be stabbed with a knife.

Search ourselves deeply,
we hold the keys,
from revolution and appeasement,
to tranquil seas.


As we evolve,
our destinies ride,
on the choices that shape our existence.

Speak the truth,
it will set you free,
finding absolution,
avoiding scandal and scheme.

Out with demons,
they corrupt your mind,
finding a center,
flowing through your spine.

Life through honesty,
something we know,
if you mean it,
true feelings will show.

Integrate yourself,
with good family and friends,
when we commit sins,
make necessary amends.

Chorus Repeat

Embracing the truth,
puts us way in stride,
on this course,
we can swallow our pride.

Seeing the future,
the time is now,
not simply for fortune,
but be well all around.

Chorus Repeat
Track Name: A Revelation
On the long road,
through the depths of our souls,
we find the path,
that leads us home.

The fruitful seeds of life,
that give us answers to the truth are not lies,
around us are the mighty creations,
of a timeless journey and endless revelations.

Truth is like heaping bags of gold,
the value which can never be foretold,
remember when you're feeling down,
there's always a way up to solid ground,
clever insight can be found,
intuition leads to sensible decision.


People want to explore the unknown,
not everything has to be carved out in stone,
some way we'll go down in history,
the keys to the vault will unveil the mystery.

What we endure in our time,
makes us aware of a greater vision,
looking beyond ordinary lines,
the straightaway to a perceptive mind.

Wisdom of a special kind,
growing brighter than a massive star,
those who know its ties that bind,
lead us nearer to a mystery afar.

Ever changing the course of evolution,
plentiful moments we are a part,
innovative ideas we envision,
imprints of an unmeasurable mark.

Verse 3:

Up comes a new question everyday,
but the greatest answer doesn't lead us astray,
trusting in what we believe,
is the shield that protects from all that deceives.

Destinies of an unseen plan,
transcending from gifts of universal command,
magnificent revelations of astonishing kinds,
unlock all the doors through our wide open minds.


With truth as revelation,
we are never alone,
bearers of legends we bestow,
shades of reality give us a guide;
we take life with the flow of the tide.
Track Name: Enlightenment
Life is a lot sacrifice,
to reach enlightenment,
walk down the long path,
head towards the bright light.

Enter a kingdom;
where you search your soul for great might,
a paradise of wonder;
with magical insight,
pastures of vibrant shades of green;
that captivate the mind by design.

We all want the same things,
to find peace and love within,
wanting to find some answers;
about life is a really important thing.

Its there for us to discover,
the greatness hidden,
all of us want to know;
what true enlightenment is offering.


We'll cross over to another plain,
lots of sunshine; very little rain,
once we're there it will numb the pain,
the scars of life can surely fade.


Your sunshine makes me smile,
wnen you radiate those positive vibes,
from the core of your soul:
Maybe I found a truth right here.


When we reach that higher place,
it will be a saving grace,
much of what one lives for,
seeing light shine on a mystical door.

Bridge 2:

The answers seem as clear as infinite skies,
lessons we learn we'll teach us how to survive,
our spirits can give us a lift to mountainous highs,
blazing is a whole new horizon we gaze at with open eyes.
Track Name: Transcendence
The mystical hour is here,
brightest colors of autumn leaves appear,
your body flexes to the beat of the distant drum,
floating silently in space are your fears,
now opens the door to your majestic kingdom.


Soul Searching,
freedom's hands,
on an eve of serenity,
awakens the spirit on the wings of ascension,
beyond tangible dimensions,
aspire to transcend.

Sentimental meanings of the spoken mantra,
dreams now are realities,
conceiving transformation,
multi-faceted pathways of greatness,
from the grayness of beginnings to surreal endings.

Chorus 2:

whimsical imagery,
scintillant pools of tranquility,
a contented heart,
on the wings of ascension,
beyond tangible dimensions,
aspire to transcend.


Gestures of kindness,
Morpheus understands the essence,
a kindred spirit with quality instincts,
foresight is a distinction;
abstract concepts of ambient overtones,
mosaics of constructs that you mold,
philosophies that you build upon,
faith makes you nearly invincible.


Boundless affinity,
colossal integrity,
the strongest roots flourish,
eternal core of solidity,
on the wings of ascension,
beyond tangible dimensions,
aspire to transcend.

Repeat Bridge

Verse 3:

Defining moments that keep us together,
the face of revolution chartered courses for centuries;
hand me down pieces of the convincing whole,
strength of the heart and mind defies superstition,
rising to the summit of a transcendence.
Track Name: The Sanctuary
Morpheus enters his esteemed palace,
inside a beauty queen gave him embrace,
looking around surveying the scene,
the place was found to be pure and clean.

The man got on his knees,
shot his eyes above,
he desperately asked to be showered with love,
Morpheus turns smiles at the queen,
strolls away saying, "You are like a favorite son;"
"Come back tomorrow the honorable one."

Morpheus proclaims a sophisticated intent,
hidden shadows that brighten finding life with content,
growing that results in the course of lament,
trials that make us stronger are a godsend.

New challenges met with fortuitous vigor,
holding to an outlook much greater,
understanding the essence of survival,
"you will rise to the elements of the victor;"
"never a victim but an orchestrator.


Morpheus head on with his chosen path,
a fantastic mission of intangible fulfillment,
to terminate the vivacious heart of human wrath,
all that's left to do ,
let glorious fate walk along side you.

Bridge A:

Optimism for a stupendous future,
to blossom into amazing shapes for maturity,
delightful streams of consciousness in purity.

Bridge B:

Morpheus like an enlightened prophet,
becoming one of a kind,
morphing from an irresolute mortal,
into an impervious demigod;
look within and you will find,
a source for this resurgence,
giving clues to reasons for being alive;
believing in yourself,
justice for salvation.

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Bridge A

Verse 2:

Morpheus finds serenity,
in his magnificent shrine of sanctity,
a treasured lair of dignified images,
the sanctuary to free from the faces of judgement.

Best things in his life remembered vividly,
harshness in the matrix gone halts the fires of tyranny,
skies transparent, plush forests forming below,
"rest your head Morpheus;"
"you will get your love:"
"in showers of miracles stretching endlessly above."